The Semper solution offers a single integrated solution required to run any size venue. 


For accommodation venue (Hotels, B&B, Lodges, Guest houses, Backpackers etc.)

Semper offers all modules you may need to manage your establishment in one integrated system.
The PMS (Property Management System) includes every reservation function you may find in the largest of hotels (some of our venues are over 200 rooms and others are small 5 bedroom venues)
We customise the solution to fit your needs, but it means you can grow in size and sophistication without having to replace your Semper system. Every feature you may need is there  

Guest focussed approach

Customer service is a prime focus of all venues. Making it easier for guest to check in or out, send you service requests, quick check out with integrated payments, electronic collection of guest data before they arrive are all modules that help you gather, store and use information to make sure your guest experience is the very best. Most modules utilise state of the art mobile technology    

Generate more business

We offer one of the most extensive on-line internet booking system. We will be able to connect you to virtually any major channel on the planet.

Rate management

Maximising the profit you get from each booking and ensure you get more then your competitors by utilising our advanced rate management capabilities. Various programs exist to suit your needs and budget

Implement solid management controls

You need good management controls for all areas of your operations in order to manage your business efficiently, including quotations, reservations management, conferencing, POS, stock control etc. This level of operational efficiency can only be achieved by implementing a fully integrated system. Of course you still get to choose the modules according to your needs and add only as you grow.  

You need the ability to measure your business on an on-going basis and to make changes dynamically. In this regard good reporting and reliable statistics are crucial.

Daily operations management includes the ability to daily close the business with good reporting.

Accounting integration is crucial. Semper ensures a strict and auditable process is implemented where the Semper system can be balanced with your accounting system.
Semper has partnered with a reputable accounting company to ensure that good accounting practices are implemented and you have good support.

Your own payment system

Collecting money from anywhere in a secure way is an must to ensure you get your money paid quickly and directly into your bank account. Do this in the most cost effective way and at the cheapest rate possible. Semper negotiated great corporate deals for all our members, big or small.

Support for your business is crucial

Our agent network operates in most areas we do business and hence would be located near you.
Their remuneration is tied to your success and for that reason you are very important to them
Being near to you means you can easily access your agent and not simply a faceless call centre.
The agents are backed by a call centre ensuring your needs are communicated properly to the extensive call centre

For restaurants, coffee shops, pubs or curio shops

Semper offers the most cost effective solution with a comprehensive back office system that integrates with any accounting system.
Any size venue may utilise the Semper solution.
The system has been designed to be the most cost effective on the market.
The entire system can be implemented using a laptop (for your back office) or add a cell phone or tablet for your waitron if required.




Reservations Management System & On-line Reservations

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