Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Semper allow for anywhere anytime access? >

    A: Semper allows you access to the system from anywhere, at the office, or even a different office in a different city. All you need is a basic PC and internet connection.
  • How long has Semper been around? >

    A : Semper has been developing its software for the last 20 years and services more than 750 establishments in Southern Africa, stretching to Zanzibar, Mauritius and New Zealand. These establishments vary from modest sizes to venues with 200+ rooms.
  • What makes Semper different from other reservation and PMS systems? >

    A : Semper is the easiest system to learn and operate. We hide the complexities of the system by automating much of the workload and focusing on the human experience of our users. We believe this enables greatest productivity gains and the shortest learning time for new employees.
  • Can the Reservation system run on a tablet or cell phone? >

    A : Not yet. This is work in progress, so watch this space. When implemented, a special browser-based module will enable you to record and change reservations using the tablet or smart phone itself.
  • Do you sign long term contracts? How easy is it to disengage if I do not like the system? >

    A : There are no long term contracts. One month notice is all you need.
  • Is Semper a one-stop-shop or do I need other companies involved? >

    A : Semper is able to supply the technology for virtually all venue needs. For very tailored, specialised needs such as door locks, surveys etc. it may be advisable to also consult elsewhere.
  • Support is very important and I need to understand what I can expect? >

    A : Semper employs local agents in all the areas where we operate. We believe someone should always be close when you need support. This is backed up by a central helpdesk as well as after-hours support. And then remote support ensures that duly authorised staff (yours and ours) can access your system from anywhere to resolve any issue.
  • How do I use Semper to manage my BnB? >

    A : Semper Lite was designed for the management challenges smaller properties face, allowing you to manage your work flow from one central place. No training is needed, as the system is very easy to operate, but nevertheless contains a built-in training manual where needed. A free trial version is available for 15 days: please note that a once-off set up fee is charged.
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