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Make sure a potential guest can book a room directly when browsing your website. Online and real time bookings are by far the preferred method of doing business today. When potential guests cannot confirm bookings right away, they generally move on to the next website allowing this option.
If you are still using the "Request a quote"  approach on your website, imagine the number of potential customers who may have moved on to finalise their direct bookings on the next site. Here are some of the great features available on your online booking page.


Full Control

All the changes that you make on the Semper system can be uploaded directly to your website. This means no double work, no worrying about old information being shown to browsing guests or your availability being incorrect.

Book Multiple Rooms

Potential guests may book multiple rooms for the same stay or book different stays for different dates. This is great for groups, as well as for individuals booking multiple stays at your establishment.

Sell Packages

This allows you to let your potential guest check the additional products included in their booking even before they pay. These could include meals or any other products you may offer.

Extend Availability

This allows potential guests a quick check to help them make decisions when viewing availability over multiple months.


You can set up specials using different criteria such as time of year, nights stayed, amount spent, adults booked, or time of week. Semper allows you to choose how you wish to attract your guests.

Sell Extra Products

You are able to sell your potential guests curios, DVD's or activities in advance when they make their booking through your website.

Upload Pictures

You may upload pictures directly from Semper to your website, and the online booking page will automatically update without a call to your website administrator. This is great for allowing potential guests a quick look at what to expect.

Easy Setup

We can assist with the customisation of the online booking page and help your website administrator with the setup from their side. Your page can be up in minutes.


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