Central Reservations

Semper offers a complete Central Reservation System for hotel groups to best maximise their sale staff capabilities. Features are quick and easy central control and management of all the bookings at all the connected establishments. 

Cloud-based Technology

Allows a group of establishments to host different Central Reservation offices working on the same set of reservations throughout the group.

Easy to Operate

Simple and easy to use calendar interface allows users to switch easily between any of the establishments within the group.

Central Reservations

Shared Database

The customer database is established centrally to enable the CRS operator to instantly identify returning guests at any of the venues. A central company database is also established, recording all commercial deals and distributed automatically to each venue.

Great Flexibility

Single or group reservations can be made at any venue within the establishment group. The groups can be split between venues over the same period, allocated to different venues for different periods or even allocated to specific rooms during their stay.

Complete Access

The Central Reservation System is able to view reservations from single or multiple venues with the ability to access any reservation made at a venue or received from any of the real-time channels.

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