Semper offers a single integrated solution that can be implemented in the cloud or locally. All features required to run any size establishment using new advanced technology with strong mobile focus.

For restaurants our system helps you save on personnel cost while drastically increasing you service levels (on average 30% less people to do the same job)

With us you can start small (one laptop and one tablet or cell phone and thermal printer is all you need to  get started)
Integrated stock, debtors and most accounting systems (Sage One, Pastel, Sage, Xero etc.)

Our customers are big and small. A restaurant with 180 seats  and 3 kitchen stations and a sandwich bar using one tablet

We also offer 2% on credit card rates (if you reside in South Africa) via our corporate deal with a large bank

The best is you get a easy system to implement and manage.

We will beat any other system on price

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